A successful Journey
Had a fantastic experience learning with Ronan. Was test ready within 8 months however due to the current pandemic my test and lessons have been halted. I would happily have returned post-COVID if it weren't for me wanting to drive manual however he has since switched to automatic lessons.

Making Quick Progress
Highly recommended as he is very helpful and understanding, great for any type of driver as he gives a versatile approach to any problems you may have.

Interim Lessons
I highly recommend Ronan. I came to Ronan having failed one driving test already. I was immediately struck by how professional he was. He set about identifying my weak points and working on them until I improved, tailoring each lesson to my individual need. He was thoughtful and enthusiastic and genuinely cared about improving my driving, being meticulous in ensuring a steady and positive improvement in my driving with each lesson. He was very patient, friendly and encouraging. I improved a huge amount in the short time that I had lesson with Ronan and have absolutely no hesitation in recommending him as a driving instructor.

Passed after only 22 hours!
I had a really good experience with ronan, I had no clue how to drive a car on my first lesson and he was very patient and professional throughout all of my lessons. If you make a mistake on the roads he will go through in detail what you have done wrong and how you can quickly improve your driving. He was also very flexible with lessons as I could only take them after work and he would slot me in at a later time or date. A very professional driving instructor would definitely recommend to anyone.

I would highly recommend Ronan to any learner driver, very professional and patient. Before taking lessons with Ronan I wasn’t a confident driver as there was many things that my old instructor failed to teach/ mention;having driving lessons with Ronan has made me become such a confident driver and test ready. Ronan was also able to identify any bad habitats that I had during my lessons and we were able to correct them. Great communication; Professional; Flexible and Patient!!

I had struggled to find lessons of quality in my area, having had two instructors from lesser known driving schools previously. I was starting to get very frustrated and I was incredibly relieved when I met Ronan. Ronan is clearly a high quality instructor but to me his biggest strength is how personable he is. He has a great knack for taking the tension out of learning to drive, is encouraging throughout his lessons and fills you with confidence when you need it to kick on to the next level. He sets the lesson plan at the perfect pace to help push you out of your comfort zone whilst helping you retain everything you've learned thus far. I would highly recommend Ronan to anyone I know learning in my area.

Learned a lot within a short time, great patient teacher. Would definitely recommend for positive results and stress free lessons.

Would definitely recommend Ronan. Taught me everything I needed in a calm and patient manner.

Interim Lessons - Uni Student
I would recommend Ronan to any new driver. Excellent Instructor, absolutely amazing. Taught me a lot of new things that my previous instructor didn’t tell me when i first started driving. Very calm and patient and allows me to do what i think is right before he corrects me in great detail which allowed me to understand what i did wrong and what i need to improve on. Overall very professional and friendly.

Refresher Lessons
Have just had a few refresher lessons from Ronan after passing my test 3 years ago and hadn't driven since. Found Ronan to be very thorough and professional, he picked up on a few habits I had that we corrected in the few lessons with him, now feel confident enough to continue driving safely and unaided. Very happy with the service from Ronan and also found him to be very pleasant and easy to communicate with, I would highly recommend.

Dan Dan
First Time Pass
Ronan is a fantastic driving instructor, I would recommend to anyone needed to take their test. I passed first time, one minor 😊 Ronan was a good teacher, explaining everything well and in detail. He was patient when I was making mistakes helped me to learn from them and have the confidence to pass my test. He went above and beyond during lessons to make sure everything was covered and I was happy with how the lessons were going. He was always on time, friendly, helpful and approachable. He was flexible with schedule, so the lessons could fit around my work. I can’t fault the training one bit. Thank you Ronan!

A fantastic 1st Lesson
An excellent first two lessons! We covered some basic safety procedures and quickly moved on to practicing with the clutch and biting point. We then moved to an ideal street to practice driving with the accelerator, changing gears whilst driving and bringing the car to a smooth stop. Never thought I'd be covering such things so soon! Looking forward to the next lesson!

Zero Fault Pass
Ronan is very informative and helpful. Made a good judgement on when I should book my test. Recommended driving related videos online which are extremely useful topics that can be used in everyday driving life.

Quickly Making Progress
My instructor Ronan is very good at demonstrating everything about driving that I do not need to add anything further to understand it, though when I asked things to him he is very patient and answered my query to my level of understanding. He is helpful, decent and kind. He has provided me with all the relevant equipment ie. workbook, videos and access to the theory preparation site do I can achieve my goal quickly and easy.

I've been learning with Ronan for the last couple of months and not only is he easy to learn from he helps make you feel at ease in the car the way he words and explains the LDC process is easy to understand even tho I'm dyslexic and not the best with words but the book it's all a amazing help for show the diagrams and show what is required from you plus tells you when the examiner is looking for So after all this the ldc way of learning is something I'd recommended to anyone interested in learning to drive and Ronan as a instructor

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